Take your photos to the next level with these 6 presets!

These 6 presets will function as a solid base when editing your photos. To achieve maximum results, I recommend that you adjust the white balance and exposure per photo (as well as anything else you feel - every photo is different, the light is different to these are not a 1 tap edit all the time). Personally - I really find these presets work SUPER well with the brush tool in the right spots to make the colors perfect!

Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to tweak for further customization. These are the presets I use when I edit my own photos and as a result, can be seen on my Instagram page - @benwaugh.

Roasted Edition Preset Pack + 3 Bonus Presets

$50.00 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
  • In this Special Edition Preset Pack you will receive my 3 primary presets as well as 3 additional presets!

    *These are digital downloads - not a physical box set*


    Check out this video by Peter Mckinnon for instructions on how to install these presets on computer.


    OPTION 1 - Paid Subscription For Lightroom Mobile:
    To install these presets on Lightroom Mobile:
    1). Download the zip files (presets) directly to your phone.
    2). Open Lightroom Mobile on your phone.
    3). Slide the bottom menu bar across until you find the "Presets" icon and click it. (Icon looks like two circles crossing over).
    4). Tap the 3 dots and select "Import Presets".
    5). Navigate to the zip files (presets) you downloaded, the tap the file you wish to import.
    6). Complete. - If you are having issues, or this isn't working for you - you might need to either update/upgrade your app.


    Watch This Video: https://youtu.be/0DkxLXxcWlw?t=25 

    OPTION 2 - Free Version of Lightroom Mobile:
    Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19eEyYxJZMQ

    *You will receive 1 ZIP file containing the presets. For PC or Mac, presets files must be installed to a specific folder and Lightroom MUST be restarted. These are NOT for photoshop, Premiere, Or any other editor. Watch video above for full details on how to get up and going!*IF YOU DID NOT GET YOUR LINK IMMEDIATELY, you probably processed your payment with an e-check and it will take a few days to clear (from paypal) before the link is sent.*

    **Please note all sales are final - no refunds or returns, by purchasing you agree that you have read the above and these are compatible for your device.

    ***If you made it this far through the information, great work! Message me on Instagram if you want a discount code before you buy.